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Billy & Nova
When Love and Passion Collides

Ballroom Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

28 January 2012

Love and passion are like two sides of a coin. They are inseparable. You can not love something or someone without being passionate about them, and vice versa. You can not have passion upon something or someone without loving them. These two things are commonly symbolized with a daring red color which also shows braveness. Because when you have love and passion with you, there's nothing in this world that could bring you down.


Billy and Nova understand about this and they want to show the world how strong the love and passion that they have towards each other. That's why, as you can see from the pictures, the main color theme for their wedding day is red. Start from the decoration, lighting arrangement, the parents' dresses, the corsages, ties, handbouquet, even to the wedding cake. What's interesting about their wedding was that it's a sitting buffet party so the guests won't be tired of standing and busy making a queue to get foods. And there was also after party after that! Perfect, right?


In making Billy and Nova's dream wedding come true we were also helped by Susi Kleo for make up and hair do, Chenny Han for wedding gown, Nefi Decor for decoration, Lightworks for lighting, Tante Inge for handbouquet and corsages, Lighthouse for photo, Chronos Production for video, Cream & Lace for wedding cake, Andrew Lee for entertainment and sound system, DJ Ari for after party entertainment, Siem Offset for invitation, Tea Bag Dilma for souvenir, Bubble' for kid's corner and our very own Bigson Alandro as MC.


We do hope that Billy and Nova's love and passion towards each other will never decease but, in fact, will grow even stronger in every single day of their marriage life.


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