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Rio & Rina
Surprise, Surprise!

Sampoerna Strategic Square Jakarta

24 September 2011

A good event could be seen by how organized the rundown is. It starts on time and ends on time. But a great event is not just organized but also has an element of surprise in it. We love to make sure that an event is organized, but it would be more exciting and lovely for us if we could surprise our client and make their event even more interesting.


On September 24th 2011, located in Sampoerna Strategic Square, our beloved clients Rio & Rina finally held their wedding day organized by Big Enterprise. Without them knowing, we were not only there to help their big day but also to prepare a great surprise for them given by Rina's older sibling.


The surprise was a performance by the famous world class singer, Keith Martin, who is apparently one of their favorite artists. Rio & Rina, of course, were not only surprised but also thrilled because their wedding day was even more memorable.


In organizing this event, we were also helped by other great vendors like Harry for make up and hair do, Andreas Odang for wedding gown, Lotus Design for the decoration, Stupa Caspea for tent decoration, Atrina for handbouquet and corsages, Culture Royale for catering, Cielo Photography for photo and video, Le Novelle for wedding cake, Fluer De Lis for entertainment, Happy Card for invitation, Private Collection for souvenir, and as usual our very own Bigson Alandro was the chosen master of the ceremony.


It was indeed a great night, not only for the bride and the groom, but also for everyone who joined the happiness celebrating Rio & Rina's big day.


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