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Jun & Nike
A Very Modern Wedding

Onfive Grand Hyatt Jakarta

23 May 2009

Junius and Nike is a very modern couple, they represent the urban people who live in a big city. It is then shown in their wedding's concept, which was held on May 23rd and supported by Big Enterprise. The idea that they had in mind for their wedding was a very casual and intimate party. They didn't wanna stay on the stage, but they decided to mingle with the guests instead. And of course, they threw an after party.


The reception was divided into two shifts, the first one was for the elder people (parents and relatives), and the second one was for the younger people (friends and colleagues). So each crowd could enjoy the celebration with this couple at its best. OnFive was the chosen venue and also the witness of the memorable night.


It was such a pleasant experience for us to prepare and give our best for Junie and Nike's wedding day. Helped by plenty of great other vendors like Vero for the dazzling make up & hair do; Elly Be Gorgeous for the beautiful wedding gown; decoration by Floral Design which magically enhanced the look of the venue; photography by PPF Photography; video by Andy; pretty and delicious wedding cake by Le Luxe; professional MC by Uli Herdinansyah; a fun entertainment by Chaplin Band; a great sound system by Sie Kek Chung; and souvenir by Gold Pralines.


Everything ran really smooth and very well prepared. Once again we proved to our client that Big Enterprise is definitely the best solution in preparing their big day. We wish Junius and Nike a happy days ahead!


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