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Traditional Wedding


Syahrul & Nelly
Traditionally Romantic

Ballroom Hotel Grand Sahid Jakarta

27 January 2013

One of the most interesting part in organizing a traditional wedding is that there will always be an element of surprise, or a brand new thing that we never knew before about Indonesia's culture. Because, we are indeed so rich in culture and tradition. That's why our service also focus on the traditional wedding. Just like the wedding of Nelly and Syahrul. At first, their wedding looked quite easy to handle with all the traditional ceremony. But then, the element of surprise is there will a Pedang Pora procession for the reception.


As you can see from the pictures here, the Pedang Pora procession is actually a military kind of tradition. And it is interesting for us to make sure that this would go smooth according to the run down. Gratefully, we did successfully manage the procession. Nelly and Syahrul had the best of their night, and not only them, all the invited guests were also tangled up in the overwhelming atmosphere of joyfulness and love in celebrating Nelly and Syahrul big day. It was very romantic and memorable.


This wedding was held in the ball room of Grand Sahid Hotel Jakarta on January 27th 2013. The beautiful make up was by Gusnaldi, the hair do/hijab was by Mr. Gigih, the traditional dress for the morning ceremony was by New Bridal while the traditional dress for the reception was by Angel Paris, the decoration was by Lotus, the traditional team was by Sanggar Anisa (the costumes) and Sanggar Mekar Taruna (the dancers), the Pedang Pora was by Taruna Akademi Imigrasi, the photo and video was by Yulianto Photography, the invitation and souvenir was by Ant's, the entertainment, sound system and MC of the night was by Tia Monica.


We can't help but smiling when the wedding is over because of the obvious big smile on Nelly and Syahrul.


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