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Traditional Wedding


Windy & Adzren
To Love Like There's No Tomorrow

Ballroom Hotel The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

15 December 2012

When you are deeply in love with someone you surely would not want to miss a moment without him (or her). Because, every single second will be counted as precious. The fear of losing your beloved one the next day would motivate you to make the best out of every moment like there will be no tomorrow. This a good thought to be considered for every love bird who are planning their wedding so that they will make the best out of that precious moment because it is a once in a lifetime event.


Gratefully, Windy and Adzrienn understand this thought and wanted to make the best out of their wedding day. Held in the ball room of The Dharmawangsa Hotel on December 15th 2012,their wedding was dominated with pastel colors, such as soft baby blue, beige, and baby pink. The morning ceremony used a Melayu tradition, while the afternoon reception used a Palembang tradition. Everyone who attended could see how neat and lovely this event was.


We were helped by Irwan Riady for the beautiful make up and hair do, Zainal Songket for the traditional dress during the morning ceremony, Amy Atmanto for the traditional dress during the afternoon reception, Watie Iskandar for the lovely and flowery decoration, Vivace for the great entertainment and sound system, Yulianto Photography for the photo and video, Sanggar Sriwijaya and Elly Kasim for the traditional team, and our very own Bigson Alandro and also Tia Monica as the MC of the night.


When you are in love, show your love to your significant other like there's no tomorrow.


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