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Traditional Wedding


Felia & Isfan
One Lovely Evening

Poolside & Ballroom Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

08 September 2012

A lot of people think it is impossible to combine a modern style of wedding with the traditional one. For example, the modern days wedding often took a garden party theme, or a beach side theme. While the traditional one could only be held in an indoor area. Felia and Isfan have the courage to make a decision for combining those two things. The result was undeniably marvelous.


Where else can you find a traditional wedding which held in a pool side? It's quite rare indeed. Felia and Isfan chose the pool side and ball room area of the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta to be their wedding venue. With an Aceh tradition, the wedding which was on September 8th 2012, succesfully left a remarkable moment not only for the bride and groom but also for every guests who came to the wedding. The pool side was magically transformed into a lovely place with flowery decoration. The client was very satisified with our performance, and that brought such a relieve for us.


The vendors who involved in this event were Johnny Malato for make up, Mrs. Cut Marlin for hair do, accessories, the Aceh tradition team and also the stage decoration, Biyan for the traditional dress, Nefi Dekor for the pool side decoration, Image Dekor for the ball room decoration, Purwacaraka for entertainment and sound system, Lightworks for lighting, Lifestyle for photo and video, and Paperwork for the well-designed invitation.


A lovely evening that marked one of the most important moment in Felia and Isfan's life was well arranged, but it's just the start, the rest of the journey awaits. Hopefully it will always be lovely until infinity.


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