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Traditional Wedding


Mira & Indra
True Love Prevails

Balai Sudirman Jakarta

13 November 2011

It's good to have someone in your life that you love and love you back. But it's even way better and powerful to be able to spend the rest of your life with that particular someone. Because, there's nothing more stronger when two person with a sincere and true love unify their love in a marriage. That's what happened to Mira and Indra, after being together for quite a while, they finally decided to step into a marriage life together.


And there's nothing more important for us to help them making their dream wedding come true. Mira and Indra told us that they want to have a special traditional javanese wedding, it's even more honorable for us because by helping client with a traditional wedding we also contribute in preserving the national cultural heritage. The wedding was quite simple yet it didn't lose the lovely ambience. The decoration was lovely as you can see, there was also a huge gazebo in the middle of the hall, and there was a mountain shaped fruit stall that represents the richness and prosperity.


The wedding was held in Panti Prajurit of Balai Sudirman, Jakarta, on November 13th 2011. There were several other vendors working together with us, such as, Novi Arimoko for make up and hair do, Atmanto for the traditional dress during reception, Dwi Tunggal Citra for the catering, Watie Iskandar for the decoration, Vivace for the entertainment and sound system, Yulianto Photography for photo and video, Mrs. Sarah for the javanese traditional team, and MC by Tia Monica.


Let the true love between Mira and Indra last forever throughout their lifetime!


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