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Traditional Wedding


Loui & Adi
A Traditional White Wedding

Balai Sudirman Jakarta

12 November 2011

It's quite common if you hear the words white wedding, then you will immediately imagine a royal white wedding like the one you see in a fairy tale story. That's what Loui and Adi wanted for their wedding, but they applied it to the traditional version. The result was magnificent, a harmonious and lovely wedding with a touch of Sundanese tradition. It's like combining modern wedding with local tradition.


Held at the Panti Prajurit of Balai Sudirman, Jakarta, on November 12th 2011, the white wedding of Loui and Adi was also had a touch of gold and pink that prettified the ambience of the decoration, dresses, and other elements used in their wedding. We were very touched with this lovely wedding, especially during the "siraman" and "sungkeman" part which show the gratitude of Loui and Adi to their parents. The family members, the friends, and all of the other guests were obviously enjoying the night and having a fun time celebrating Loui and Adi's happy day.


This lovely wedding could only happen not because by our own strength as a wedding organizer, but also because of the help of our friends like Mrs. Heti Sunaryo for make up and hair do and also for the Sundanese ceremony team, Alfabeth for catering, Watie Iskandar for decoration, Acoustic Punch for entertainment and sound system, and Yulianto Photography for photo and video.


Everyting went well, everyone worked together cooperatively to make this big day happen. We wish all the happiest day for Loui and Adi's life ahead.


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