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Galimberti Nino Grand Opening
A Private Party For Stylist People

Jl. Senopati, Jakarta

09 November 2011

Our service is indeed serve any kind of occasion and needs. From wedding to birthday party, and even until a store opening like that one that we are handling, a Grand Opening for Galimberti Nino. It's important to have a strong concept for you product launching because it will be your milestone to shpw to the public how good your brand is.


Galimberti Nino surely understand this because they chose to have a simple and intimate launching yet still has a fun party ambience. As you can see from the pictures, its just a simple performance with a DJ, with lots of foods and overflow drinks with dimmer light. Voila, the party is on. All the stylist people who were invited had fun. Galimberti Nino did catch the attention of the public and more importantly the media.


The store is located in Jalan Senopati Jakarta, a very cozy and quite homey store with modern design. The grand opening was on November 9th 2011. The decoration of this grand opening was by VIP Tent, the lighting was by Etcetera and the photography was by Jacky Suharto. This is probably the most relax event that we had ever handle. It's always such a relieve to see the smile on our client's face and to know that what we did is indeed impactful for our client.


We hope all the best of luck and a successful business for Galimberti Nino so that they become one of the best brand with great product and service.


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