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Antonia Birthday Party
The Sweetest Sixteen Ever

Ballroom The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

05 September 2009

One of the most important moment in life beside your wedding day, is the day when you are entering adulthood. For girls, it's often celebrated at 16th or 17th years old. Antonia were really lucky because she has the privilege to celebrate it in a very wonderful way. With the James Bond theme, the party was a blast.


The party was held in the ball room of The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta on September 5th 2009. The decoration was epic as it had two different type of designs. In the foyer area the decoration was a Betawi theme which symbolized Antonia's life in Jakarta before she entered 16. In the ball room, the decoration was a London theme which symbolized that after her birthday she is going to move to London, UK. The details of the decoration added with the costumes that the guests wore were fascinating.


We had the opportunity to work with Qiqi Franky for make up and hair do, Eddy Betty for the dress, Suryanto Decor for the decoration, Moreno for the photo, Lifestyle for the video, and Chocolate Boutique Hotel Mulia for the birthday cake. TheMC for the ballroom where Raffi Ahmad and Oky Lukman while for they foyer area were Dhenny Gusry and Ary Kirana. The performers were Marcel Chandrawinata, Astrid Tiar, Nycta Gina, Maliq n D'Essentials, The Silver Boys, Gambang Kromong Griya Seni Ekayana, and Oge Arthemus the illusionist.


Happy birthday once again to Antonia, enjoy the sweetness of your adulthood in London.


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