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Bapak Soegito & Ibu Zubaidah Birthday & Wedding Anniversary
Love Emperor

Ballroom Hotel Mulia Jakarta

26 June 2009

It's beautiful to see two love birds got unified by marriage, but it's even more beautiful to see the ones who already walk through their marriage life together for years. The storm, the happiness, all the ups and downs are part of their love life, but as they walk further their love grow stronger and they can conquer any obstacles that come to their way. They became the emperor of love. Just like the lovely couple, Mr. Soegito and Mrs. Zubaidah.


Their wedding anniversary was held in the ball room of Mulia Hotel Jakarta on June 26th 2009. The chosen theme was the emperor of chinese. The venue was all dominated with red color just like the chinese tradition which shows prosperity and there was also a touch of gold in every decoration. There were also dancers and the guest star was Dorce Gamalama. It was very festive!


We were very honored to be able to organize such a lovely event like this and witness the power of love between Mr. Soegito and Mrs. Zubaidah. We were also helped by Suryanto Dekor for the decoration, Floral Lines for the flowers, Audiensi Band, Panda Guzheng and Batavia Dancer for entertainment, Life Style for photo and video, Femmy for the birthday cake, and Denny Chandra and Vanessa as the MC of the night.


Hope all the festivity and prosperity will follow their every step!


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