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Meka & Dea
A Thousand Candles

Ballroom Hotel The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

04 November 2012

The wedding of Meka and Dea was one of the simple yet remarkable wedding that we have ever organized. It was held in the ball room of The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta, and was attended by their beloved family, friends and colleagues. The wedding has two different themes and tradition between the morning and the afternoon but gratefully we managed to make it happen flawlessly.


For the morning ceremony they used a Javanese tradition, the decoration was dominated with white color, created a classy and elegant look. The foyer area was decorated in a gardenly look complete with trees and garden bench. The afternoon reception was more colorful since they used Minangkabau tradition. Red and gold dominated the decoration. The most interesting part was the moment when Meka and Dea entered the ball room, the light was set to dimmer mode, while all the guests held a burning candle in their hands. It was peaceful and lovely at the same time.


The wedding which was held in November 4th 2012, had some great vendors involved, such as Mrs. Liza for make up, Mrs. Ambar (Tien Santoso) for the hair do and accessories for the morning ceremony, Elly Kasim for the hair do and accessories for the afternoon reception and also for the cultural team, Sapto for the morning traditional dress, Musa for the afternoon traditional dress, Mrs. Tinuk for the cultural team during the morning ceremony, Image Decor for decoration, Lightworks for lighting, Atlantic Band for entertainment, Yulianto Photography for photo and video, Icon Life for photo booth, Paperwork for invitation and Erwin Parengkuan as MC.


We wish the love birds a wonderful days ahead.


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